What is creatine? Well, creatine is a compound that helps develop joints so it is no wonder why it is such a popular supplement for athletes and body builders. Creatine improves the integrity of the skeletal muscles giving you more strength and flexibility. You can find creatine not only in lean meat, but also in a lot of cold water fish such as tuna, salmon and herring. Creatine is also produced from amino acids within the liver and kidneys.

Can Creatine Help Treat Joint Pain?Creatine not only helps to strengthen your skeletal muscles, it is also known to help boost the body’s energy levels, giving you more stamina in the process. It can also help improve your body’s ability to regenerate damaged cells. However, you must always consult with a doctor before deciding on taking creatine supplements as side effects might occur if improperly used. Now, let’s talk about the other benefits that creatine can potentially offer as well.

Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

A study conducted in 2006 showed that creatine has the capability to reverse some symptoms of PTSD such as depression and fibromyalgia pain. The tests were conducted when a connection between creatine and the brain was discovered. You see, creatine is used by both the muscle and the brain when it comes to its energy source. With this in mind, researchers theorized that creatine might also help improve the brain’s function and prevent feelings of depression. After further research, wherein a volunteer was given creatine supplements daily for up to a month, researchers found that there was a huge drop in joint pain occurrence reported and the subject also felt well mentally. Depression dropped by as much as 30% for people who were given a daily dosage of creatine. The study ended after 8 weeks for which a higher percentage of improvement was recorded.

Slowing Down Health Condition Symptoms Linked to Old Age

Can Creatine Help Treat Joint Pain?A study was also conducted about the effects of creatine on old age health conditions such as arthritis. In this research, a handful of volunteers, male and above the age of 40, were given creatine supplements. Each individual reported an increase in their overall energy as well as a significant reduction of joint pain. Creatin’s ability to help both develop and improve muscle function assisted in the reduction and alleviation of joint pain in the subjects. The study was conducted in only a week with subjects being given maximum strength creatine supplements. By the end of the research, all reported better flexibility in their joints and joint pain was greatly reduced from excruciating to nuisance.


Creatine supplements definitely earn its spot as one of the most popular supplements when it comes to athletes and body builders. It helps the body improve joints and ligaments, it boosts energy levels, and even helps slow down the effects of aging and alleviating depression. However, we must point out the importance of first consulting with a health professional. It is vital that you get a thorough check-up first in order to determine whether creatine is a supplement that your body will be able to handle properly and without any side effects.

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