What is Naturo Sciences Restiflex?

The purpose of this review of Naturo Sciences Restiflex is to provide a comprehensive analysis of this supplement and help the customers make an informed decision. This product is advertised as being the perfect solution for those of us who have joint problems. The dietary supplement is supposed to comfort and relieve joints while enhancing mobility and flexibility. The manufacturers say that Restiflex is an easy and safe supplement that will support and protect the health of your joints.


All the ingredients in this supplement are said to have been clinically researched and proven effective in treating joint issues. The active ingredients are:

  • NEM (natural egg shell membrane) which has both a cushioning and a lubricating effect.
  • MSM which is known to act as an anti – inflammatory agent
  • White willow bark which also has anti – inflammatory proprieties
  • Ginger root extract which is another effective anti – inflammatory agent
  • Boswella serata resin which improves both movement and flexibility
  • Turmeric root extract which is commonly used to treat arthritis.

Inactive ingredients are unfortunately unavailable on the website’s official web page. The capsules may contain soy or gelatin, so customers should be careful if they have dietary restrictions.


Probably the most disturbing thing about this product is the fact that it completely lacks instructions. There is no information whatsoever regarding how many capsules customers should take or when to take them. Another unavailable piece of information is connected to the number of capsules in one container.


Thankfully, the manufacturer seems to be willing to offer customers various discounts depending on how many containers of the product they buy. Just one bottle costs $59.99, but when purchasing two bottles, customers get one for free. This offer gets better for three bought bottles, where customers get two more for free. However, the best value package is given to customers who buy five bottles, as they get seven more for free.

Possible Side Effects

Another intriguing fact about this dietary supplement is the lack of any kind of warning. We are somewhat skeptical in believing that this product is suitable for all persons, regardless of age, gender or other medical conditions/prescribed drugs. Customers should definitely see a doctor before purchasing this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The good news is that Restiflex does come with a guarantee. A 30 days money back guarantee, to be more precise. Although their intentions are good, manufacturers didn’t seem to take into account that 30 days may not be enough for customers to decide if the product is effective or not. Apart from that, potential customers don’t even have the possibility to check and see what other people have said about this supplement, since there is no customer review/testimonials section on the product’s official website.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Restiflex could help people who have joint problems. It is a very affordable product and it does have a guarantee from the manufacturer. Despite these advantages, we still don’t think it would make a smart purchase because of the unclear, or better said completely lacking, dosage information and the incomplete list of ingredients.

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