In the recent years, obesity has grown into a world-wide epidemic. This is a grave problem as this condition can lead to serious health problems. The most frequent issue to branch out from obesity is the damage to the joints which may lead to arthritis, a disease that affects the joints. The most damaged parts of the body are the ankles, knees and hips as that is where the body mass is distributed. That is why keeping an optimal weight is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

How Obesity may Damage Your Body

The Links between Obesity and ArthritisExcessive weight causes a great quantity of pressure over the body joints which can damage them as well as blockage the blood flow around the region. The damage to the joints and muscle to that are due to obesity or over-weight can eventually lead to several medical complications, one of them being arthritis.

Joint issues can be determined in terms of redness, inflammation and level of tenderness. All of these different symptoms appear depending on the degree of damage on the affected region.

If you believe you may have this disease, it is recommended to visit a medical specialist to determine the possible causes and remedies.

Obesity May Increase the Risk of Suffering from Arthritis

Whenever joint pains or arthritis are not caused by genetically or hereditary reasons, they will most likely be caused due to obesity or over-weight.

Many different studies have proven that those with an excessive weight are 60% more likely to develop arthritis compared to the people who stay around their ideal weight. In the recent years, hip and knee replacements have increased due to this conditions. Before obesity became a world-wide epidemic, hip and knee replacements were most commonly performed on elder patients who were suffering from arthritis but, nowadays, most of these operations are performed on people who suffer from obesity.

Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The Links between Obesity and ArthritisHaving a healthy diet and exercising are two of the best assets that lead to maintaining our body in a good condition. A healthy lifestyle will help to minimise the chance of developing joint pains and arthritis. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that a good diet and light daily exercise will help prevent and even decrease joint pains.

There are lots of different ways to decrease your body weight in a safe and effective manner. Make sure keep a healthy diet and avoid over-eating as that can lead to gaining excess weight. It is important to ensure that you ingest all the different daily nutrients needed to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

Furthermore, reinforcing our whole body and especially the muscles, bones and joints is essential. This can be achieved by doing some simple exercises everyday such as jogging lightly, walking, aerobics, biking and swimming. If you believe you are obese or overweight, it is recommended to seek help from a professional before making any changes on your lifestyle. Only a specialist will be able to determine what changes will be most suitable for you and your body so do not hesitate to contact a medical professional that can help you improve your lifestyle and, most importantly, your health.

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