Arthritis is a medical condition that affects the joints of a body. Over one hundred different types of arthritis have been identified. Many people tend to believe that arthritis is a physical condition that can only affect older people, but it has been known to also affect younger people too, roughly forty million people suffer from arthritis in the United States including over a quarter million children.

Sufferers of arthritis often go through a great deal of stress as they adjust to the physical changes that arthritis brings to the body, simple tasks they have managed their entire lives can be made almost impossible and hard to complete causing a lot of frustration. It is certainly not a fatal disease but can put a lot of  pressure onto individuals, sufferers of arthritis will need plenty of support from family and friends who are able to understand the situation and help them through it. There are also plenty of support groups and websites made specifically for helping people that suffer from arthritis

The two most common forms of arthritisThe two most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid-arthritis, they both share similar symptoms.  During cold weather, people suffering from arthritis may find themselves with limited movement of their joints, but they will eventually regain mobility back as the day progresses. Other symptoms can be pain or swelling of the joint areas, and even stiffness. If you have any of these symptoms they could indicate you may have either of these types of arthritis present.

But it is still highly suggested to get a check-up if you find yourself dealing with any of these symptoms.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis will have an  effect on any age group, and the symptoms can happen any time of the day, It is a complication where your immune system will attack the joints and also the tissues of the hands and feet of the sufferer, in the latter stages this may even cause some deformities on the sufferers hands or feet.

It is a progressive / degenerative type of arthritis that focuses on the entire joint and any area surrounding the joint.


The two most common forms of arthritisOsteoarthritis is also a progressive type of arthritis that commonly affects men and women fifty years of age or older.  other factors may  affect the development of this disease, such as genetic elements or past traumas.

Osteoarthritis targets the cartilage and joints.  It diminishes the joint by thinning it and drying it out, causing the joints to rub together.  As the cartilage stops functioning well, the friction between both bones can cause an unbearable pain that can be extremely  uncomfortable. This type of arthritis is unfortunately non-reversible and prevention is only possibly if it does not yet exist, or if detected early on, it can be delayed.

How to treat arthritis

Currently, since scientists are unable to come up with a medication that can fully eliminate arthritis, it is suggested to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, they have found ways to lighten the symptoms and effects with medication such as anti-inflammatory, and pain killers. Physical therapies and exercise can also help and in some cases surgical procedures may be used by replacing joints or fusing them.

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