Exercising and maintaining a healthy life-style has been proven to reduce pain and improve the life-style of sufferers of arthritis. Many people believe a common myth that suffers of joint pain must minimize their movements to reduce the severity of the symptoms; this is not true as the joints stiffen more, increasing the pain, whereas an active lifestyle helps to improve elasticity of the joints increasing the motion of each joint in the body, putting a stop to the stiffness and hardening of the joint.

Studies have shown that patients who receive treatments such as rehabilitating exercises, and water related exercises claim that their conditions have improved drastically, and their range of motion has increased greatly. This is also the case with elder patients that suffer from a type of arthritis called osteoarthritis and underwent water exercises to help improve the motion in their joints.

Forms of treatment

How to stay active whilst suffering from joint painsMost patients receive special forms of physical therapies before they are able to take part in physical activities, symptoms can vary requiring a medical specialist to make a proper diagnosis before deciding the correct treatment for the patient.

Preparatory massages are used on patients that suffer from joint pains to help warm up the joints, increasing blood flow in the area, this aids the motion of the joint. This form of treatment is basic but, great for readying the stiff joints for a more active form of treatment, as some patients may struggle to ready their bodies for such treatments depending on their ability to move their joints.

A physical therapist will often guide specific cases of arthritis by administering therapies such as ultraviolet beta rays, hot compresses, infrared, and other heating modalities, these are most common in cases for elder patients or patients suffering from later symptoms of arthritis, that are incapable of carrying out a more active form of treatment. These therapies boost the healing effects of the joints and can help bring motion back to the joint, readying the patient for other forms of treatment.

How to stay active whilst suffering from joint painsStrength and agility training is often used to help ease the patient into a daily exercise routine, these will help to reduce inflammation surrounding the joint area, other simple exercises can also be used such as walking, bicycling, swimming, and yoga, these specific activities are especially effective for patients that suffer from joint pains in their knee’s.

Another known method to counter the symptoms of arthritis is to lose weight; studies have shown that lowering your weight by at least eleven pounds helps to take pressure off the joints reducing the risks of arthritis. Maintaining a healthy diet and eating plenty of nutritious foods is enough to help maintain a healthy weight.

Join paints can cause plenty of stress on individuals, but medical experts all agree that joint pains can be avoided by keeping a healthy and active life style, by following a simple, yet nutritious diet routine you can avoid symptoms from appearing as your body remains healthy. If suffering from any form of joint pain it is important to consult a doctor to proper evaluate the severity of the situation and make a proper diagnosis to begin treatment.

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