First of all, what is sacrum joint pain? Well, in layman’s terms, this is basically lower back pain. Sacrum is a large triangular shaped bone that connects the hip bones to the spine. The sacroiliac moves less than most of the spinal joints. It is surrounded by and made up mostly of ligaments. If ever you have experienced any kind of lower back pain, there is a high change that the sacrum joint is the root of this problem. So how can we prevent sacrum joint problems from happening? Well, in order to prevent a problem, it is important to know the cause of this problem. We have listed the known causes of sacrum joint pain which can, in turn, help you develop and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle in order to prevent this condition from affecting your body.

Unequal Leg Length

Any difference in length between your legs can lead to lower back pain or sacrum joint pain (SI joint pain). This asymmetrical condition is also known to be one of the leading causes of injuries for runners. This is also not a rare condition as it actually affects around 60% to 90% of the population. Some leg length inequalities are so small that we won’t actually feel that awkward imbalance at all. However, while we cannot register the unequal length between our legs, this minute imbalance will take its toll on our body in the long run.

What Causes Sacrum Joint Pain?Leg inequality is caused by either structural or functional deficiency. Structural leg length inequality is a natural condition that affects the body during development. This causes bone structure to develop at a different pace which can cause one bone structure to grow slower than the rest. Functional leg inequality, on the other hand, is caused by a myriad of reasons, such as muscular deterioration, pelvic inflexibility, or vitamin deficiency.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

This is caused by straining the sacrum joints via physical activity. Exercise such as running and jumping can cause tremendous strain on your lower back to the point where the sacrum joint actually gives in. This could lead to serious injuries that will greatly hinder your movement and will cause pain and discomfort. Even something as simple is stretching could lead to SI joint pain if done incorrectly. Remember to always keep your body in tiptop shape and allow it to heal whenever you perform a strenuous activity and never push your body way above its limits.

Inflammatory Joint Disease

What Causes Sacrum Joint Pain?This condition can inevitably cause SI joint pain. Degenerative conditions, such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, can lead to SI joint pain. These conditions become more prevalent as we age and the best preventive measure here is to eat a healthy and balanced diet as well as conducting regular exercise. As this is mostly caused by inflammation in the joints, you can take turmeric or include it into your diet as it contains powerful anti-inflammation agents.

Final Thoughts

Sacrum joint pain is avoidable. While some of the root causes connected to this condition cannot be prevented, we can ensure that its effects are kept at a minimum. By eating healthy and including the right food groups in your diet that contain the recommended vitamins and minerals, along with proper exercise, we can effectively shut down SI joint problems before symptoms even appear.

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