Following a healthy and active life-style is key to avoiding illnesses or physical conditions, as your body receives the right amount of nutrition it needs, its’ defenses strengthen, lowering the risks of becoming ill.

Arthritis can be avoided by following a healthy life style, as excess weight can cause damage to the joints, weakening them, and unhealthy foods do little to help the joints repair themselves, this often leads to arthritis. The two most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis which in some cases may require medication or occasionally surgery in the later stages. The good news is all of this can be avoided.

Exercise and healthy eating prevents arthritisA lot of pharmaceutical companies put out false information when it comes to arthritis to aid the sales of their products, a common misconception is that exercise can make arthritis worse, this has been proven false as doctors have found plenty of exercise helps increase the elasticity of the joints helping to repair the condition and bring back a better range of motion to the area. These companies sell products to the poor and desperate claiming the can cure arthritis, knowing full well a healthy lifestyle is the key treatment for getting rid of the disease, as many medical professionals have proven. So before purchasing any of these miracle medications sold by these bogus companies, consult a doctor to discover the truth on how to correctly treat arthritis.


Excess weight is a main cause of arthritis as pressure is placed on the joints where weight is most often distributed; this causes friction on the bones damaging them slowly over time, later leading to the cause of arthritis.

Depending on the severity of the arthritis patients will have to undergo specific physical therapies until their bodies are capable of carrying out daily exercise routines. Burning off excess weight will take away pressure from the joints, if paired with eating healthy foods the body’s defence can grow gradually repairing the damaged areas.

Eating healthy

Exercise and healthy eating prevents arthritisIf the patient is incapable of exercise due to arthritis, then eating healthy is a must. Many sea foods have been proven to work as they are rich in omega-3 which greatly helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of the joints, the main types of fish that are especially rich in omega-3 are salmon, halibut, and tuna. Glucosamine is a natural remedy to help treat arthritis; it can be purchased as a health supplement or obtained through eating sea foods such as shrimps and lobsters, which contain high quantities of glucosamine.  People suffering from arthritis typically lose their ability to produce glucosamine in their bodies making it important to consume foods or take health supplements to help kick-start the body’s natural production of glucosamine, to help aid the treatment of their joints.

Vegetables and fruits are another great way to keep the body nourished; most vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins, which help keep the body strong and healthy aiding the immune system and keeping joint problems away.

Living a healthy life-style is a great way to prevent arthritis or joint pains as the joints take the most punishment from neglecting exercise and lack of healthy foods. Follow a healthy life-style and consult a doctor for further information on how you can prevent arthritis or treat your symptoms.

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