Joints are the point at which two bones are joined together which can also be referred to as articulation of the bones. With 200 bones that make up the body, there are a variety of different kinds of joints that provide our bodies with stability and mobility. There are three different groups that joints are categorized in; no movement, a little movement, and a lot of movement. The joints that are able to move freely are also referred to as diarthrosis joints and these take up a good portion of the joints within the body. There are a number of different kinds of joints that help you move the way that you should.

There are a number of different kinds of joints that help you move the way that you should:

Socket and Ball Joints

These are the biggest joints found in the body. They are located in the shoulders and the hips. These joints are round in shape and resemble a small ball. They fit into the hole of the socket. These are the joints that provide you with more range when it comes to moving your joints around. You will get the most range when you use these joints so it is important to keep them in good shape.

Hinge JointsFive Different Types of Joints

Hinge joints are one type of joint that allow you to move your body in a back-and-forth motion. They are very much like door hinges. They are located in the knees and the elbows. You can get an injury to these joints when there is a lateral force that presses up against the joint. This is a very common injury for individuals who play sports.

A Pivot Joint

A pivot joint is used so that you can rotate your body in swift movements. The axis and atlas bones within your neck will allow you to move your head around in a side-to-side motion.

Condyloid Joints

Condyloid joints will allow you to bend and turn in an angular direction. You will experience a movement that is quite limited but it will give you added flexibility in your wrist joints. These joints are also very useful when you are using your index finger.Five Different Types of Joints

Saddle Joints

Saddle joints are only found in the thumb and nowhere else in the body. The bone looks much like a saddle and allows your thumb to move back and forth or up and down. This joint will help you to grasp items much easier.

All of these joints play a vital role in the human body. Whether it is a saddle joint that is only found in one part of the body or the pivot joint that allows you to move your body freely, they all allow you to move your body and its different parts. Socket and ball joints in the shoulders and hips allow you stand and sit and move your hips. It is important to remember that all of your joints play an important role in your body and enable you to move with ease.

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