Unfortunately there is currently no known cure for arthritis. Medical experts have found that following a healthy life-style reduces the risks of arthritis and that people who exercise and eat healthily tend to have a lower chance of getting arthritis. By 2030, the number of medically diagnosed adults with arthritis in the United States is expected to grow to sixty seven million, making it of the up-most importance to maintain a healthy life-style and pay regular visits to a doctor if any unusual feelings occur in the joint areas.

How regularly consulting a doctor can help prevent arthritis	A patient’s medical history will play an important role in helping the doctor to perform a correct diagnosis for arthritis. It details previous illnesses or injuries that could possibly have caused the joint problem to led to arthritis. The medical history of family members may also be taken into account and examined to help clarify the patients physical condition and to determine if arthritis is the cause of the painful feelings in the patient’s joints that they have endured. The doctor will conduct a thorough medical check-up that will include some basic exercises and movements to fully understand the capabilities of the patient’s range of motion, and to examine the damage that has already been caused in the joints because of the disease.

Taking a blood test is a common and simple form of diagnosing whether or not the disease has been caused by a bacterial or viral infection. A urine exam can also be used to help diagnose whether or not the patient has arthritis. With this test the doctor can also measure if the patient’s amount of natural chemicals in their body has elevated or decreased. These tests will help resolve any infection and its symptoms like joint problems, with prescribing the correct form of medicine.

How regularly consulting a doctor can help prevent arthritis	Additionally, doctors will often use technology to help aid their diagnostic when needed. The X-ray is commonly used to help doctors examine the condition of the bones, where as a CT scan can give a much better and detailed visual of the bones condition and additional images of the muscles and surrounding tissues on the joint area.

After achieving a correct diagnosis a specialist will examine the scans and will consult the patient for a better idea of the situation and will also provide a professional opinion on which forms of treatment will ensure the rehabilitation of the patient.

Many people tend to ignore the symptoms and clear signs of arthritis, often brushing them aside as something minor, only in most of these cases the problem can quickly escalate for the worse without the correct medical attention. An early diagnosis of arthritis can play a large role in preventing the development, it may not have a known cure but with professional help it can be prevented before it becomes a problem.

Medical experts and doctors all agree to the importance of having a consultation whenever a patient feels something unusual in their joints. Leaving it too long can cause damage to the body that could have been avoided with a simple check up with a doctor. Taking note of recent physical activities and knowing if a family member has also suffered from arthritis in the past will help aid the process so the doctor can correctly identify the issue.

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