Sufferers of joint pain often go through a lot of physiological stress as their joints stiffen up; simple day to day activities can become next to impossible as tremendous pain can be felt from even the slightest movement.

As of today science has discovered over one hundred types of arthritis and many more still remain unlisted. The symptoms and treatments can vary greatly, making it important to consult a doctor if suffering from any odd feelings in the joint areas over your body. Medical experts have failed to find a cure for the disease but instead have worked on the next best thing, treating the symptoms and preventing arthritis completely. There are many ways to treat the disease ranging from home remedies to surgery in some of the more severe cases.

Joint pains

Joint pains and arthritisSuffering from joint pains does not necessarily mean the person has arthritis, as joint pains can come about from many different activities.

With two hundred joints in a human body it is hard to diagnose when a joint pain is due to arthritis, as joint pains can be caused from body ailment, or infection. And simple non-prescription medicines exist to help with these minor joint pain problems.

Often people that do a lot of physical work experience symptoms similar to joint pains, mostly construction workers or athletes that use their joints all throughout the day. As their muscles are pushed to the limit every day pressure builds making the joints feel painful. A steam room or warm bath can help stop these joint pains as they help aid the blood flow through the body bringing more mobility to the joints.


Joint pains and arthritisWhen a joint pain is left unattended arthritis can form after some time, arthritis causes damage to the joint worsening the condition, the longer it is left untreated the worse things can get.

Body weight is a main cause of arthritis as the excess weight puts plenty of pressure on the joints causing friction between the bones; this often leads to arthritis as the joints receive more and more damage to the point of being unrepairable.

Keeping a healthy and active life-style has been proven to prevent arthritis all together, and slow the development in other cases.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis that causes damage to the cartilage of the joint, the cartilage is what prevents the joints from rubbing against one another, as the disease deteriorates the cartilage the bones begin to touch, this speeds up the development of the arthritis and causes immense pain even when the joint is not being moved.

Be it joint pains or arthritis a doctor’s professional diagnosis is a must for any weird feelings in the joints. A re-occurring joint pain can be a definite sign of arthritis and seeking treatment is important to slow down the development of the disease. Consult a doctor whilst the pain is in its early stages before it can grow and become a bigger problem, simple forms of treatment exist for minor cases, but the later stages have been known to require surgery making it important to seek treatment before the disease can escalate.

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