Arthritis causes damage to the joints making it hard to move them and causing a lot of pain. Over one hundred different types have been discovered and many more still remain unnoticed, the symptoms vary from each type, the most two common ones being osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. These two specific types are often misdiagnosed by doctors as they are hard to detect in the early stages, the early symptoms are also not too painful making a lot of people brush the symptoms off as simple joint pains that will go away with time, when really the disease is growing slowly and getting worse and worse over time.

How arthritis is caused

The most common causes of arthritisArthritis has been proven to pass on through genetics, if the parents had the genes that cause arthritis the child can find themselves suffering from the symptoms as they grow older, HLA-DR4 is one of the genes that cause rheumatoid arthritis, the genes vary for each type. This does not mean the child has a 100% chance of having arthritis but it definitely raises the odds, doctors will often look through the family medical history to confirm if the patient is suffering from simple joint pains or arthritis.

Age is another major factor when it comes to arthritis, as the body grows older certain functions will stop working as they used to, natural chemicals and hormones will stop re-producing, a lot of the chemicals aid the strength of the joint, when they deplete the joint becomes weak causing symptoms of arthritis and rapidly increasing the development of the condition.

Physical injuries to the joint are also common, even If they occurred decades ago the damage can still remain, as time goes on the body struggles to maintain the injury, this leads to arthritis. Infection of a damaged joint is another cause ranging from viral, bacterial, or even STD’s in some cases.

The most common causes of arthritisExcess weight is another cause as pressure is placed on the joints, the bones weaken making them rub together; this causes friction and can damage the bones, which later leads to arthritis. This can be avoided by keeping a healthy and active life-style taking pressure off the joints. Plenty of exercise also helps to retain the elasticity of the joints keeping them active, whilst eating healthy nourishes the body helping the immune system functioning well. One type of arthritis however has been known to confuse the immune system causing it to attack good healthy cells causing damage to the joint.

These are just several reasons as to how arthritis can come about; with two hundred joints in the body and one hundred types of arthritis the possibilities of how it may be caused are endless. The best course of action is to consult a doctor immediately at the first signs of joint pain, these pains can come and go whenever, and a re-occurring pain in the same area often is because of arthritis. Look into the symptoms and causes of arthritis to further understand what may be the cause of the joint pains.

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