The symptoms of arthritis can be treated in many different ways but science is still yet to find a cure that rids patients of the disease completely. Many natural remedies have existed over the years to help ease joint pains, but now with more medical professionals analysing arthritis new forms of treatment have been discovered that work very well, ranging from life-style guides to surgery in the most severe cases. Consulting a doctor over any joint pains will help aid you to find which form of treatment will best suit your needs.

Healthy life-style

Maintaining a healthy life-style has been proven to prevent most symptoms of arthritis as excess weight can put pressure on specific joints causing friction between the bones which later leads to arthritis if not treated correctly.

The most commonly used treatments for arthritisFollowing a simple yet nutritious diet helps the body avoid joint pains as the muscles and tissues around the joints stay strong and healthy. A common misconception is that exercising whilst suffering from arthritis can worsen the condition as the pain grows with movement. This has been proven false as following a daily exercise routine helps the joints loosen up by increasing their elasticity and increasing the range of motion in the area. Get a proper diagnosis before starting any form of exercise, there are many types of arthritis and each type requires different exercises. A doctor will suggest and help plan the proper diet and exercise for a patient to ensure the best possible treatment.

Dietary Supplements

Glucosamine is a natural form of treatment for a common type of arthritis named osteoarthritis; this form of arthritis damages the cartilage of the joint and prevents the patient’s body from producing more glucosamine. When a patient receives glucosamine as treatment it links the gap between the joint, repairing the cartilage. Over time the body will begin producing its own source of glucosamine again erasing the joint pains and giving the joint more motion. Another supplement named chondroitin can also be used alongside glucosamine to maximize its effects. These supplements are both natural so can be taken with no bad side effects.


The most commonly used treatments for arthritisThe pain caused by arthritis is often due to the inflammation of the joint area, so the most common form of medicine for patients suffering from arthritis is anti-inflammatory drugs, these can be purchased from super markets or pharmacies without the need of a prescription from a doctor.

They do little to repair the joint but can ease a great amount of pain in the joint.  Doctors will also inject steroids into the area if needed;

the effects are similar to anti-inflammatory drugs lessening the pain in the joint area, it is also available orally. Cortisone is the most common form of steroid used to treat arthritis, but others may be used depending on the case.


Surgery is only used to treat arthritis in the most severe cases when the disease is affecting the patient’s life-style too much. The joint will either be removed or replaced depending on the damage already dealt by the arthritis. Doctors will try all other forms of treatment before resorting to surgery.

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