Arthritis is surrounded by many myths, occasionally causing people to incorrectly self-diagnose themselves. A lot of people struggle to sort the fact from fiction, as many unproven stories surround how arthritis is caused, and how best to treat it. In situations like these, it is wise to understand how much of what you have been told is true.

Exercise can worsen the joint pains caused by arthritis

The myths surrounding arthritisThis is a common misconception that is simply untrue. Plenty of daily exercise can in fact help prevent the stiffening of joints, by rehabilitating the joint’s elasticity and condition, greatly easing the pain

Of course exercising too much can worsen the condition and you do not want to over work your joints, but a simple 30 minute workout has been known to minimize the pain in your joints. It is recommended to check with a professional before following a daily exercise routine to determine how much your body can handle.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet can also help treat your arthritis, by keeping an appropriate weight you will reduce any stress you may have on your joints, especially in areas of your body where weight is usually distributed. Be sure to give your body the correct amount of nutrition from healthy foods and avoid foods that contain a high quantity of sodium or salt which have been proved to increase the risk of developing arthritis.

Knuckle popping can cause arthritis

Stretching or popping your knuckles has often been said to aid the development of arthritis, this is a misconception. The popping sound is created due to nitrogen gas being stored in the joint area, when the knuckles are stretched it releases the gas causing the popping sound. Scientists have no proof of this practise having anything to do with the cause of arthritis, yet it still remains a common myth many people believe.

Warmer climates minimize the effects of arthritis

The myths surrounding arthritisOften people will move to warmer climates to help dampen the pain of arthritis. It is related to the idea that applying a warm compress to a painful or tender area of your body increases the blood flow in the region helping to ease the pain. However there are one hundred identified types of arthritis and each work in different ways. With some forms of arthritis higher temperatures can increase the pain in your joints. Making an observation of the area and how the climate affects your condition is an important step to take before moving as the condition can worsen in some cases.

Not all simple joint pains can be related to arthritis, people should not misinterpret pains caused by past physical traumas that may have damaged the muscles, tissues, or tendons as a type of arthritis. No matter the condition, it is always important to seek real medical help, for a correct diagnosis, as mentioned before doctors have identified at least one hundred different forms of arthritis ranging from mild to severe. It is always best to check with a professional instead of attempting to self-diagnose yourself with the risks that may follow with an incorrect diagnosis.

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