Natural home remedies for arthritis are less complicated than conventional medicine and very cheap to come by, making it the preferred choice of treatment by sufferers of arthritis. They have existed for centuries and have proven to work time and time again.

Drugs and medicines can cause many complications as mixing them can have bad side effects, and the effectiveness of them can often be exaggerated, some pharmaceutical companies even go as far as claiming they have the cure for arthritis. This is not true as doctors and medical professionals have admitted to failing at finding a cure for arthritis, but instead have found many forms of treatments and therapies to help deal with the symptoms, and agree that home remedies at times can be best for treating the joint pains.

Home remedies

Home remedies are cheap and reliable, different types can work for different people, so it’s important to try several before giving up, here are several well-known natural home remedies for arthritis:

  • Treating arthritis with home remediesBefore eating a meal eat two or three small portions of coconuts or walnuts, to help soothe arthritis pains
  • Chew on a garlic clove every couple of days to slow down the progression of arthritis and improve the condition of joints
  • Drinking two teaspoons of balboa leaf juice before eating every day to slow the progression within a month or two
  • Turmeric (Dried yellow ginger) has antioxidant properties, add half a tea spoon to warm water and drink to lower the inflammation around the joints and decrease the risks of infection
  • Drinking one or two cups of alfalfa tea each day to slow the progress of arthritis
  • Rubbing warm white vinegar into the joint area can soothe the pain and decrease the inflammation as it relaxes the muscle groups
  • Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice with another two teaspoons of honey mixed into warm water helps to reduce inflammation of the joints and helps ease the pain
  • Taking a warm Epsom bath and massaging the joint areas helps to stop inflammation
  • Warm baths help the blood flow through the joints improving the circulation

These are only a couple of home remedies but many more exist that work just as effectively as the ones listed here.

Treating arthritis with home remediesArthritis can be a life changing disease causing a lot of stress on the families and individuals suffering from it. There may be no cure but over the years countless home remedies have been invented some dating back to ancient civilizations.

Apart from home remedies, other forms of treatment exist that simply require living a healthy and active life-style. Eating specific sea foods can help restore some of the damage already caused by arthritis, fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins helping to boost the immune system.

Consulting a doctor is always important when joint pains are present, but keep in mind there are hundreds of different ways to treat arthritis many of them being natural remedies, making the use of conventional medicine unnecessary in specific cases.

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