Basic Information: What is Greens+ Extra Energy?

This review focuses on the product Genuine Health Greens+ Extra Energy Supplement. This is an energy boosting supplement that uses all natural ingredients. It not only helps enhance stamina but also strengthen your health as it is infused with all essential nutrients. Head on below to read our full review.


As stated earlier, this product contains 100% natural ingredients aimed to re-energize and fortify the body. Each bottle of Greens+ Extra Energy will contain the following active ingredients:

  • Phosphatide complex- Lecithin (26% phosphatidyl choline; 97% oil free; soybean)
  • Barley, Alfalfa, Wheat Grass and Red Beet Root
  • Spirulina Platensis
  • Malus Domestica – Apple fruit
  • Chlorella Pyrenoidosa – Japanese chlorella
  • Glycine Max – Organic soy sprouts
  • Oryza Sativa – Organic whole brown rice kernel
  • Stevia Leaf Powder
  • Lactobacillus (8 Bacterial Cultures)
  • Royal jelly
  • Bee pollen
  • FOS (Fructooligosaccharides)
  • Standardized Herbal Ingredients


For adults, you can mix in one scoop of Greens+ Extra Energy (14.8 grams) into a cup of water (375 ml.) and shake well. For those who are new to this supplement you should start off with a lower amount, about 1/3 scoop daily will do. You can then increase it overtime over a period of three weeks until you reach the 14.8 grams recommended dosage.


This product is available in various sizes. You can choose between the 113 gram bottle ($19.99), 445 gram bottle ($49.99) and an 816 gram bottle ($84.99). This product is also available in single serving packets that cost $3.17 per pack. You can purchase this supplement directly from their official website or through their official retail accounts that you can find in popular online stores.

Possible Side Effects

While there are no known side effects caused by this product there are several precautions that one must keep in mind before taking this supplement. This product should not be taken by children, pregnant and nursing women, those who are using some form of medication, people suffering from chronic health issues and those who are following a low protein diet. This product is also not recommended to be used alongside other caffeine based products and medication that increases blood pressure. As one of the primary ingredients is bee pollen, those who have allergic reaction to bees should refrain from using Greens+ Extra Energy.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After a thorough research through their official website we did not find any guarantees attached to using this energy boosting supplement. We could also not find any customer testimonials online to help solidify its reliability and quality.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Greens+ Extra Energy Supplement appears to have all the correct ingredients in terms of being an energy boosting supplement. It is available in several sizes which are ideal if you simply want to try it out first as there are single serving packets available for sale. However, the lack of any customer review presence online is a bit worrying.

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