What is Trusted Nutrients Advanced Joint Support?

Trusted Nutrients Advanced Joint Support is a dietary supplement which alleges to be essential for joint and tissue health. Along with improving bone strength and health, it also purports to support the formation of collagen and enhance cartilage replenishment. Additionally, it claims to help improve the resilience of ligaments. The manufacturer claims that this supplement is designed to help reduce inflammation and ease pain as a result of a sustained injury, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis by combining natural ingredients that doctors recommend for joint pain patients.


  • Chondroitin Sulfate – 200mg
  • Glucosamine – 700mg
  • MSM – 200mg
  • Turmeric – 200mg

This product does not contain any fillers or binders or artificial ingredients.


Trusted Nutrients Advanced Joint Support comes in the form of capsules. In reference to the manufacturer’s official website, you are only supposed to take 2 capsules a day and allow the formula to do its work. We could not find whether this supplement should be taken with meals or not. It is also not indicated at what time the capsules should be taken. Effects can be felt in as little as six weeks, according to its producer’s claims.


A bottle of Trusted Nutrients Advanced Joint Support containing 180 capsules was retailing at a discounted price of $24.00, marked down from $49, on the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer doesn’t advertise a monthly subscription. We could not find if there are special offers or discounts for buyers who order in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

We have not identified any adverse side effects associated with the use of this dietary supplement. Because the manufacturer alleges that it is made with natural ingredients, side effects should be minimal if any. There are not enough reviews to determine if anyone experienced side effects from this product. It is recommendable to contact your doctor before using this product if you are on medication, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Trusted Nutrients Advanced Joint Support comes with 100-day money-back guarantee. You need to return unwanted items within 100 days from the date of purchase directly from the manufacturer. We could not find any other information about the manufacturer’s return policy. All of the reviews on the manufacturer’s website are positive. The absence of any negative reviews could mean that the site administrators use some filters or are biased.

The Bottom Line

Trusted Nutrients Advanced Joint Support is seemingly a helpful dietary supplement for supporting joint and tissue health. We have not come across any adverse side effects associated with its use as it claims to use natural ingredients that are recommended by doctors to patients with joint pain issues. Even so, it has some downsides. Details about their return policy are unclear and not comprehensive. The dosage recommendation is also vague. Also, the reviews on the manufacturer’s official website appear biased to market the product.

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